Vue Components With Internal Data

When you write components in vue you sometimes need some internal data in each component, to handle internal behavior.

Like when I had a problem with formating numeric texts.

The component was rendered correctly, but, the first time the user entered the input the format was lost.

I realized that the $refs was undefined and the format function was called again only when the user typed a value and the event input was fired.

So I added a internal data that was changed when the component was mounted and this behavior disappeared.

First add the data in the component:

data: function () {
    return { mounted: false }

And changed the value in mounted method:

mounted() {      
    this.mounted = true;

And changed my computed value to check the value of the data:

 computed: {
        awesomeValue: {
            get: function () {

                //HERE I CHECK THE VALUE
                if (!this.mounted) {

                //... DO THINGS TO GET VALUE

                return valor;
            set: function (value) {

                //... DO THINGS TO SET VALUE